Saturday, October 23, 2010

What, Why, How and Who


A blog that takes a song-by-song look at the musical career of one Natalie A. Merchant.


I've thought about starting a blog for ages but held back because I could never quite land on a topic that I thought would consistently amuse me and/or have the potential to amuse others. Many of my most passionate conversations and musings are about music, so I knew I wanted to write about that subject. But I wanted something methodical, something I could organize into a specific format. My favorite music maker is Natalie Merchant and I've listened to just about every piece of recorded music she's made and for once in my life, it seems that something (or someone, in this case) that I like is actually quite well-known and appreciated by others. So here it is - Annie's Natalie Merchant Compendium Blog.


As mentioned above, I intend on going song-by-song through the entire Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs catalogue, with the exception of the following: B-sides, collaborations with others artists, and anything pre-Wishing Chair. I may occasionally break this rule, but I don't plan to often. My goal is to post at least one update per week one update every other week, one to three songs per blog. I intend on including lyrics, my personal thoughts on the songs and where possible, a quote or two of Natalie speaking about the song in question. Currently, my idea is to go about the song selection process totally randomly. I want to keep you on your toes.


My name is Annie, if you didn't catch that already. I'm in my late twenties, I live in California in an entirely too-small apartment with my handsome cat and two small, furry husbands. Wait...strike that, reverse it. Writing a blog might turn out to be the most conventional thing I've ever done in my life, but even if it's a success, I don't plan on converting.

I will measure the success of this blog based on two things: 1) Is anyone reading it? and 2) Am I having fun? If the answer to number one is yes, then I'm sure the answer to number two will be yes as well. So please, oh prettiest please, share your comments. I would love to hear your thoughts, insights and personal feelings about the songs of this most gifted songwriter and musician. And if you don't feel like doing that, then please at least say hey so I know you're out there.

Thanks and ta-ta for now,


  1. Any thing to read about Natalie is pleasure for me.
    So, thank you very much for this blog Annie.

  2. Hey Annie
    I am reading you!

    Re. Trouble Me : How lovely to have a friend like that.

  3. Hi, your blog's great, thanks a lot!!!

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